Podcast and Book: Backtracks: The White Heart of Mojave

Travel to Death Valley in the early 1920s and discover what has changed (and what hasn’t) in the last hundred years in this gorgeous travel narrative with a modern twist. Written in 1922 by Edna Brush Perkins, The White Heart of Mojave tells the story of two friends who decide to go on an adventure in the Mojave desert before southern California’s empty spaces turned into tourist hot spots. A hundred years later, Lisa McNamara updates the original story with what the characters went on to do, what the places later became, and how she has experienced Mojave herself. Any lover of the desert will get lost in this poetic adventure story.

The White Heart of Mojave (Annotated) is available in two formats:

  • Good old fashioned book: available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook and a paperback, the text version features additional details not included in the podcast and full color photographs.
  • Podcast: available in Series 3 of the Road Tripping in America podcast.